Monday, December 31, 2012

Daily Jewelry

Hello everyone,
Happy New Years Eve!

Do you have fine jewelry that is always on your person? Sure, chunky costume jewelry is great, but I just wanted to share my go-to pieces with you that I will always have on on a daily basis. I call them my daily jewelry:

First off, I wear three rings. Honestly, I never liked rings because they would always feel so awkward on my hand, and costume jewelry never fit because I have a large ring size (8~9). Like I have said before, I am a big woman ;) I didn't start wearing rings until I bought my class ring. I finally got used to wearing it, that now, if it is off, I feel as if I am naked without it.

I love my class ring, and I wear it on my right ring finger. It is a two tone ring of sliver alloy and 14k gold accents. In the front, it is adorned by a ruby and onyx stone, which represents the colors of the highschool I graduated from. This ring was the start of my "daily jewelry." I didn't wear fine jewelry daily until I got this ring.

Next, are my two 14k gold rings that I wear on my left hand. The ring on my middle finger is one that my mother bought at a pawn shop in the early 80's. I lot of people tell me it looks like a cascading piano. The ring on my ring finger is very minimal and dainty. Don't let it's small appearance fool you - this solid gold ring means so much to me. Recently, a thief broke into my mothers home and took our safe, which was filled with my family's precious collection of fine jewelry. In the mess of the crime scene, all I found where mismatched studs and beads, until I stumbled upon this ring. My grandmother identified as hers, so the ring could date anywhere from 1940~1960. These two rings are the last part of my family's 120 year old jewelry collection. As a child, I never knew much about my family but what I did know came from the history of our jewelry. It is Spanish tradition to tell stories through gold and sliver.

Next is this beautiful sliver charm bracelet from James Avery that my boyfriend Zack gave to me on our first valentines together. I only have two charms on the bracelet: The sixteenth notes that represent me and the cowboy hat that represents him. I was a little angry that he spend over $130 dollars on me at the time, but now I feel like I have used his (lol) money's worth because I do not take it off for anything. Not even for a picture on my blog. Now we have been together for almost two years. It's our lucky charm(s).

I love this one of a kind 14k gold locket. I am sorry that I don't have to proper lens on my camera to show you the true beauty of the design on the piece. The twisted chain is also a nice addition. I was given this piece as a gift to me when I turned eight years old from a close family friend. About two years ago, when I was packing to move into the dorms, I found the locket tangled and tucked away in a jewelry box. I opened the piece to find pictures of my mother, my sister Debby and my grandmother that I did not remember. My grandmother was bald, due to the chemotherapy she had to go through when she was diagnosed with breast cancer. Thankfully, she pushed through it and the locket reminded me that if my grandmother, at her age, kicked cancer's ass, then I can get through college, even with negativity around. 

Sadly, the pictures have since fallen out of my locket. Rarely, the locket opens on it's own and after two years of use, its a surprise that the pictures have stayed in as long as they have had. Hopefully, I can figure out how I can get something to stay in there, and then I can replace the pictures, including a more current picture of my grandmother and her full head of hair. I guess by now, you should be able to tell I am more of a "gold" person.

Do you have any pieces of fine jewelry that you wear on a daily basis? Does your family treat jewelry like my culture does? What stories are behind the pieces of jewelry you own?

I treat my jewelry like tattoos - each piece has it's own memory. 

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