Friday, December 28, 2012

DIY - Necklace Shelf

Hey guys, check out this neat tutorial I made. I was inspired by this tutorial here, but I wanted an easier version.  I was tired of my necklaces always getting tangled so I decided to make this cool shelf for my new apartment when the semester starts. Its super cheap and makes for some cool wall art too!
Here is what you are going to need and how much it cost me.
  • A wooden shelf, NOT hollow. Thankfully I found one with hardware already installed in the back of it. (Goodwill, $3)
  • Black (or another color, black is cheap ;D) Spray Paint (Home Depot, $1) 
  • Brass Cup Hooks, I choose 1” (A pack of 40 for 4 bucks)
  • A drill, and make sure you have a smaller drill bit than the hook’s screw
  • A ruler
  • A sharpie marker, Sliver stands out on mine (SHARPIE OBSESSED. I already owned this!) 
Ok great, now that you have everything you need its time to start this project! So cleaned my shelf and much as possible and thankfully had some glue gone to get the stickyness off. After, I decided I wanted 3 rows of hooks because I have a lot of necklaces!!
So I used the ruler to make three lines on my shelf, one down the middle and 2 in-between the middle line and the edge. Don’t worry about making marks on the wood, we are going to spray paint all of it anyways. So, now I wanted to make marks where to drill. I wanted to be able to grab the necklaces without having trouble looking for the one I wanted, so I decided on a window layout. You will understand what I mean in the pictures to come. 
Since my piece of wood, or shelf, was 45 cm wide, I decided to make marks every 5 cm on the two outer lines. Of course, your shelf may be different so do some math and make the right marks for your needs. So in between the marks of the outer lines, I made a mark on the middle line. So this is what it looked like after! 
Simple! Pictures make so much more sense than my horrible grammar. Sorry about that. Anyways ONWARDS! Time to drill. I used a really small drill bit because I wanted my hooks to be on tight. Since we are going to end up screwing the cup hooks on my hand, make sure you sure a smaller drill bit than the size of the screw end on the hooks. If not, the hooks will not stay in place and fall out. This is really important
WOO! Look at me go! I have to admit, but it was my first time using a drill. You dont need to drill too deep. Just enough to get the hooks going. I would recommend to drill a hole first, and then test it by screwing in one of the hooks just to see if your drill bit is going to work for you. Easy does it!
So I was getting annoyed making all the holes, but only if I knew what was to come! This is really the most annoying part of this project - but very worth it in the end. Screw in the hooks tight and apply pressure, while making sure the face the way you need them to face. Since I used a super small drill bit, the hooks took a lot of effort to screw in place - but this means that they are very secure. I thought I was going to develop a blister after I did shelf has a total of 28 hooks on it. 
So this is what my shelf looked like after the hooks. Now for the fun part, CHEAP SPRAY PAINT. Follow the directions on the can, and don’t spray too close and you should be just fine. If you rather leave the hooks the color that they came, just do the project in this order, spray, dry, THEN drill and hooks. Sigh, I had to spray paint on grass and I felt really bad about that… sorry earth :( If you newspaper please save the world!
And here is my  finished product! Happy D-I-Ying and let me know how you like this project of if you tried it. (I used a crappy camera for the whole tutorial, until the finished product, sorry I was lazy!)


  1. this has made my day :) cant wait to do it

  2. So happy to hear! No more tangled necklaces

    Please share your project when you are done


  3. love this, definitely going to give it a try! your blog is awesome.