Friday, December 28, 2012


Hello again everyone. Today, I ordered from for no charge to me! I know what your thinking, but no I was no sponsored by them... (though I wish I was). Sometimes, they have Facebook promotion contest that offer freebies, which turn out to be GIFT CARDS! Yes! I had $60 bucks to spend today. Well, my total is over 60 bucks but they have a coupon code right new for $10 off any order over $65! I'll link the items. Please let me know what you think of my order, or want anything specific out of a review I will post one I get the products.

First I ordered this galaxy dress ($43.99):
I am a little worried it won't be long enough on me, but I decided to take a risk.
After the dress, I couldn't afford very much more so I ordered some jewelry

This cross necklace ($12.99):

and this slave bracelet ($11.99):

So, on top of all of this, the first gift card came with a free pair of leggings! I got to choose the size, but not the size. I was informed that these were already sent separately. ALSO, I won their "600 free leggings" giveaway on facebook too! So ANOTHER pair of amazing leggings will be sent to me at random, lets just hope they are different designs. And all I had to do was just get likes on my personal Facebook page. I'll post pictures of everything once I get it. Although I feel lucky, it was pretty annoying having to message all my friends and be like "HEY PLZ LIK MY PIC ON MY WALL" but I have a feeling it was way worth it. 

You should also like them HERE on Facebook to try and get your own opportunity for some free stuff! And sign up for their email too. Trust me, It was worth it. According to retail value, I am getting over $100 of stuff for free thanks to my Facebook friends!

Good luck,

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