Sunday, January 6, 2013 Review

I wanted to do a quick review of! I was so excited when I found out the company wanted to send me some stuff I got really excited! Shopping Asian wholesale can be a bit scary because everything, for the most part, is one size, but if you do the research it may be well worth it. I do not plan to type up a storm because I already did a review video on my YouTube channel, but I will post pictures of each item!

First is this wooden cross necklace. I guess since it was only about $0.50, I really can't complain about the quality.

I honestly thought this was the coolest thing ever until it broke. When I first got it, it felt very strong so I am surprised it broke. I plan to superglue it, and hopefully that will fix it.

This is the item I felt like was to pricey for what I got. The length of the dress is much shorter than what the website advertised, so currently, I cannot wear this dress. I know I am very tall, but I thought since I was careful to measure myself and the dimensions of the dress listed I would be fine. It's a good quality dress but it is going to need some work in order to be a fit for me.

I plan to make a few alterations to the dress, which I plan to blog about later. Please watch my review video! I go in more detail of what are my plans. 

Well, although I was too happy about the products I got, I feel as if I would try to order again from this. For the price of the products, I feel as if it is a good deal to chance your luck. Anyways, have you every bought from any wholesale Asian website? If not, do you think you ever would? If I have intoduced you to the concept, I recommend checking out this fourm HERE. It includes a much of products modeled on real people and it really helped me out when shopping these sorts of websites.

Happy Sunday


  1. awww it's too band the spiked headband broke, it looks awesome. hope you can fix it!

  2. i love that cross!
    following you :)