Monday, January 7, 2013

DIY - Lip Scrub

Hey chickas and chickos, 

Winter in texas suck believe it or not, and my lips are needing some TLC. No matter how much chap stick I put on, my lips still feel super chapped, and putting on lipstick used to not be an option for me. 

 However, I discovered the magic of a lip scrub and never will go back. I wanted to buy some from LUSH, because thats what all my friends where using but for $9.95 I wasn't willing to pay. Also, the main ingredients were sugar and oil and just a bunch of artificial CRAP that I just really don't need more of in my life. Click HERE to see the overpriced selections of lip scrub.

So my hardheaded self, like always decide to try to make some myself, and viola, I actually did it! So today, I wanted to share my easy lip scrub diy with you. One word of caution though, I honestly do not have official
measurements for each ingredient, I just combine everything until I get the results I want. Lets get started!

So this is what you are going to need:
  • White sugar
  • Olive oil (I'd use extra virgin/light if possible)
  • Honey
  • A small container. Mine is like REALLY small, its all I had, but you can use a little bigger one. Nothing bigger than a diameter of 2 inches.
  • The world's smallest spoon

Ok, so my container may be too small but I made it work. First step is to make sure your container is clean. I washed mine out cause I am reusing a container.

Ok, now come the ingredients. Since my container is tiny, I am going to describe the process according to my experience, but please translate it proportionally to the container you are using. So, first add a drop of honey. Honey is all natural, and has an amazing flavor, so your scrub will be enjoyable to use without having to add any nasty flavoring ingredients. Also, honey doesn't really expire so the scrub should last until it's gone. Just make sure you leave in room temperature. 

Although honey is wonderful, its very sticky! So, using the spoon add an equal amount of olive oil to the mixture and mix. I had to use the other end of the spoon.

Viola! This is going to be the base of the scrub. Simple enough, right?

Time to add some sugar! I would only add a spoonful at a time, just so I can make sure I get the consistency I desire. 

Mix until sugar is covered with honey oil mixture. If it is too dry, add more oil. Too sticky, add more oil and a bit of sugar. If to liquid-y, add sugar and a bit of honey. Mix until you get what you want. My finished project looked like this:

All natural, safe to eat (accidentally of course), and super sweet.
Now lets make sure you know to use this stuff. Time for super awkward photographs of myself.

Um...hi there. So I couldn't find a wash cloth so I had to use a napkin, but please, oh please, make sure your lips are very moist and wet before using your new scrub. If you try to use your scrub on dry lips, you could tear and rip your lips up and that kinda kills the purpose of the lip scrub, right? The last thing you want is bleeding lips, so please just do this step and don't sue me.

So just get a tiny bit, just to cover your finger tip. Actually, this may be too much in fact, but you get the idea.

So just do it! Put that stuff on your lips and pretend to brush your teeth....on your lips? Well what I mean by that is always use circular motions. If you don't use circular motions while brushing your teeth, you have been doing it wrong, just FYI. Don't be too rough, but don't be scared to really rub. If your lips are moist, they can take a lot. Wow, this sounds kinda wrong, but ONWARDS.

Yeah, thats right. You are looking totally sexy. You might wanna wash your hands after. After you think you had enough, rinse.

Afterwards, apply lip balm. Not the crappy $1 crap. The good stuff, something super moisturizing. If the dollar chapstick is all you have then, still use it. Your lips will need some. If you are planning to wear lip stick, pencil, or whatever, do the rest of your makeup first to allow your lips to rest. I know this sounds silly but just trust me; at least 15 minutes. 

Woo! Congrats, you have not murdered your lips with your DIY scrub. Just kidding~
But, real talk, I love doing this to my lips. I feel like they look fuller too, but that's just my imagination talking.  

I am kinda glad I used a super small container because its super portable. Although, maybe I shouldn't go through this process in public... 

Let me know what you think!


  1. this is so cool! ill do it at home too :)
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    1. Goodluck, let me know how it goes!

      I followed back, cool blog!

  2. wow this looks good for the body too!!! I am a new follower and would like to know if u want to follow me back on gfc! I would be very happy! thanks giulia

    1. Oh I followed back on blogspot, is this what GFC means? I see that a log but idk what it means :( am just new to blogging!

      But yes, of course, your blog is so nice, very Established, I hope to be there some day.

      As for the body, I wouldn't use this scrub because honey can make you break out. I make my body scrubs out of espom salts, grapeseed oil and essential oils. Its a bit rougher than this scrub too. Maybe I'll post a DIY later!

  3. Wow nice job figuring it out *A* It looks exactly like the real stuff! Thanks for sharing~ Oh and thanks for following my blog, I followed back ^_^
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  4. That looks just like the stuff from the shops! But, doesn't it get your fingers oily? Anyway, I must give it a try too! So thanks for the recipe!

    1. I didn't think it was too oiliy because the honey. The scrub taste so good thiers little clean up, just washed my hands. I make a body scrub that I will post later that is more oil based but I only use it in the shower. Maybe try the scrub in the shower? Ty for the love

  5. wow such grea advice i love yoyr posts :) x

  6. I loved this post! I definitely will try it out cos my lips get chapped really badly during winter. Thanks for sharing. Your blog looks great! I'm following.