Sunday, December 29, 2013

My Opinion on "Costume" Jewelry

Why hello there people of earth. Before I start my mini rant please check out all this jewelry I bought on Friday downtown: 

This seems like it could have cost a lot, but I got all of this for only $20 - which brings me to my point, why are people spending so much money on costume or "gold plated" brass jewelry. Yes, I have spent a good chunk of change on precious jewelry that I wear everyday seen here, but I refuse to spend over $2.00 on something that will break. All the pieces seen here are $1.50 or under. It is so easy to find affordable and cute pieces in larger cities. I buy this jewelry from a convenience store and food market - you just have to look. Also, online many Chinese suppliers offer good pieces and you do not have to buy in bulk. I have not bought anything yet from but they have great reviews and good pieces on things like this.

I bought mostly bracelets because I need things to stack with my MK watch ^__^ (Which isn't real gold I know, I just got a discount so I bought the watch)

These are hauls I got a while back too...
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