Saturday, February 2, 2013



Because I am so sorry I have been MIA for the past couple weeks I have decided to do a giveaway for these beautiful galaxy leggings from No, this contest is NOT sponsored by Romwe (although that would be very cool!) Sadly, the only size I have for the giveaway is a size SMALL! If you are not a small/medium, please don't enter. And don't feel bad, I am a size large, extra large, more to love (: I promise I'll do a giveaway for everyone later. If you are unsure if these will fit you, or just want to buy them, here is the link. Check if size small will fit you before you enter! I have a pair in large and I really do love them! Use this widget to enter! USA ONLY PLEASE.
*Edit* A lot of people are just entering random answers into the raffle-copter widget but trust me I'll be checking. For example, if you said you followed me, and that entry is the one that wins, I'll be sure to check it. If not, I pick another person at random. So be honest!
a Rafflecopter giveaway


  1. White tunic and some booties.

  2. swoop neck white knitted sweater with black lace up heels and gold jewelry.

  3. these leggings are so cool! if i get to own a pair, i will definitely wear it with a black sleeveless button up top. The one that has flowy material, then i will wear a silver belt around the waist area. The black flowy top will make the leggings pop out, and the silver belt will add that futuristic look. The shoes i'll wear would be a a pair of ankle booties, with studded straps hanging around it. STUDS = STARS ;) for accessories, i will wear a colar necklace that's full of triangles. ..another futuristic add. and to top it off, i have a short pixie haircut, so i will style it up in a faux hawk, to make the whole look an out of this world kind of look ;)


  4. thank you lani for the follow...appreciate it :)
    i have followed back

  5. Those are so fun. I used to have them but I gave them away and miss them T_T

  6. Oh and I would style them with a long black top and combat boots for everyday.

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  9. ♥ With this legging, a rock chick, break-out style is what I am aiming for. I would match it with a white high low sweater, a black cropped chain trim jacket and a pair of black Lola rock star spiked sneaker wedges. For jewelry, I would go with a double-chain gold-tone statement necklace. Hair, the wilder the better. Nails, black preferred. ♥


    Mila Le.

    P/s: I don't use Blogspot often. Please add my Facebook:

  10. I abosolutely love women's galaxy and space leggings they are such a sick trend! But they can get pretty expensive and shipping can cost a lot; when I buy they give me free shipping haha ;P

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